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Workers in Horki region want to be protected
28.01.2010 .

Workers of the agricultural cooperative Horki appealed to local NGOs for defense.

They told that in December 2009 in their firm salaries were roughly reduced. The directorship of the enterprise deducted the most part of the wages. An official TV-channel Belarusian television shown the reportage about this situation, a weekly Uzgorak and a site old.horki.info published articles.

After this local democratic activists organized meeting for workers of the agricultural cooperative Horki with representatives of the independent trade union from Mahilou. The lawyer of the trade union Alaksandr Karalou (on the photo) discussed situation around salaries and concluded that arguments of the directorship are questionable. The lawyer promised to protect local people and 15 workers of the agricultural cooperative decided to join the independent trade union.

Meantime the directorship of the agricultural firm under the presser of public opinion compensated deducted money to people but later appealed to court to return money to the account of the enterprise.


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