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The Soviet Village: Collective Farms Are a Mistake
21.12.2009 .

The article of the Movement for Freedom (the MFF) member Mikalai Yurkou was published in the last issue of the Drybin district newspaper named the Soviet Village (Savietskaya Vioska).

Agriculturist and economist Yurkou who headed the local Drybinski agricultural production cooperative company from 1973 to 2001, substantiates inconsistency of the collective farms and state-owned farms production system of the agricultural industry.

I think and am sure the creation of collective farms was a big mistake and even a crime. That was our first Chernobyl, Yurkou says.

In his article, Yurkou gives examples of private farms yielding excellent results even in Belarusian conditions which cannot be repeated by many collective farms. Yurkou points out that transfer of land to private property is a necessity, though today this task is rather complex.

The full text of this article published in the aforementioned official district newspaper can be found here.



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