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'Uzgorak' is going to complain
10.12.2009 .
Horki district executive committee denies accreditation to independent outlet. For this reason, Eduard Brokarau (on the photo), the 'Uzgorak' newspaper editor and a Movement for Freedom (the MFF) activist, is preparing a complaint to the Mahiliou Region Executive Committee.

In this way, Brokarau tries to solve the problem of accreditation denied by the Horki district authorities.

For reference Brokarau addressed to the Horki authorities asking to accredit him for work in the local District Executive Committee. Accreditation would have allowed him to freely attend the sessions of the local authorities and in due time inform the district population of the decisions made by the authorities.

However, Mikhail Anikieyeu, the Horki District Executive Committee chair, rejected the Uzhorak owners application. Anikieyeu pointed out that two mass media have accreditation now the Leninski Shlakh (Lenins Way) official newspaper and the Voice of Horki District radio programme. Mr. Anikieyeu thinks these mass media are sufficient; therefore it would be inexpedient to accredit any additional media.

Brokarau thinks such decision of the district officials is unlawful and appeals to the Mahiliou province leadership.


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