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Heroes Day Celebrated in Horki
02.12.2009 .
The members of the Movement for Freedom (the MFF) from Horki and Drybin towns paid tribute to the memory of Vojciech Damaracki, a student who died during the anti-Russian Empire Revolt of 1863.

The MFF Horki and Drybin members as well as other local activists laid flowers on the gravestone under which Damaracki the hero of the Revolt of 1863 was buried. His grave is located at the territory of the local academy. The commemoration took place on November 28 on the 89th anniversary of the Slutsk Revolt which Belarusians call the Heroes Day.

Damaratski studied in the Hory-Horatski Agricultural Institute at the end of the 19th century and was the member of the underground resistance committee. On April 24, 1863, the military detachment of Liudvih Zviazhdouski came into Horki and declared the establishment of the peoples rule in this town. The students of the local institute with Damaracki among them joined the rebels. He died during the battle for the liberation of Horki.



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