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Accreditation of independent Uzgorak is inadvisable
02.11.2009 .
Horki local administration has refused to accredit an editor of the independent newspaper Uzgorak Eduard Brokarau (on the photo). In the answer signed by the head of Horki executive committee Mihail Anikeeu said that there were two accredited mass media in the region. They are an official newspaper Leninski Shlyah (Way of Lenin) and radio program Holas Horackaha kraju (Voice of Horki). Therefore there is no sense to accredit an additional newspaper.

Mr.Eduard Brokarau sent his request for the accreditation month ago. And now the answer of local officials isnt understandable for him.

Any normal person will have only one thought after such refusal: authorities make something that should be hidden from society and people mustnt know about it.

We know that Leninski Shlyah will publish only what will be allowed. Anyway I will come at all meetings of the executive committee which are conducted openly. But recently officials have threaded me by police when I was present at the session of the Regional Soviet (Council of local deputies). Those threats were just threats", Eduard Brokarau told Radio Liberty.

A deputy of a chief of Belarusian association of journalists Andrei Bastunec thinks that decision of Horki authorities is groundless.

I think that it is violation of rights of journalists. This decision counters to Constitution which guarantees equal rights for all kinds of prosperity. Executive committee must have documentation on the accreditation which should include reasons of refusal in accreditation. I am not sure that such documents exist. Unfortunately in our conditions it is very difficult to appeal against refuse of accreditation. Courts even dont want to examine such appeals.


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