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Booth with Bibles has been liquidated
04.08.2009 .

Horki authorities have liquidated the booth with Bibles, New Testaments and Universal Declarations of Human Rights. This booth belonged to Piotr Malanachkin who is an initiator of drive for signatures against nuclear power station construction and a member of local Evangelic Church.

As Mr.Malanachkin told to Radio Liberty, in the morning five unknown persons and two militiamen crushed the informational booth hanging on a tree in the center of Horki with hammers and crowbars. They took with themselves all literature and materials the booth was made of.

Piotr Malanachkin created that booth five years ago. Since that time he has been delivering religious and rights protection literature by that booth. But after he had sent several thousands of signatures against atomic power station to presidential administration the local authorities decided to punish him for the informational booth, Mr.Malanachkin thinks.

Local administrative commission required five basic units (60 USD) from Piotr Malanachkin as a fine for the booth that is a baulk to improve Horki appearance. Horki activist informs that in a provision of administrative commission said nothing about that the booth should be liquidated. In spite of this the booth has been crushed.


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