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Horki protestant fined for Bible delivering
21.06.2009 .
Horki protestant fined for Bible delivering

Pyotr Malanachkin (see photo), member of the Evangelic Church in Horki town, was fined five basic units (60 USD). He delivered the Bible, the New Testament, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The authorities decided to punish me to forbid me spreading the Bible, the New Testament, other religious and legal literature,

Pyotr Malanachkin told in an interview to Euroradio. I was invited for a session of the commission of the district executive committee. They imposed a ban and fined me 5 basic units. They said I had created obstacles to municipal improving of Horki. Though it was just a booth hanging on a tree.

A book display stand (see photo) was fixed to a tree near Pyotr Malanachkins house for 4 years. It was broken for several times. Its unknown why the Bible began to hinder the local authorities now. The members of Evangelic Church of Horki think

the ground is that they gathered some thousands signatures against constructing the nuclear power plant and wrote a letter to Lukashenka.



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