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Horki independent newspaper has been registered
24.04.2009 .
Ministry of justice has registered Uzgorak, the newspaper of Horki civic activists. The editor of the newspaper Eduard Brokarau was informed about this by the co-worker of the Ministry.

Uzgorak has been registered as social and politic newspaper and will be distributed in Horki, Drybin and Mscislau regions of Mahilou province.

I have been trying to legalize our newspaper since 2002.

But according to the former law About mass media juridical address of a newspaper should be allowed by local authorities. And Horki executive committee made everything to have no legal address. There is no such requirement in new law. Ive founded private enterprise and our newspaper was registered within the framework of it, - Eduard Brokarau commented this event.

Now the owner of the newspaper solves current issues. The first legal Uzgorak will be published in a month. In the beginning the circulation of the paper will be 1,000 copies. If there is no problems with official distribution of our edition well increase the circulation to 3,000 5,000 copies, - the editor said.


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