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Chernobyl week
23.04.2009 .
    Activists of Horki antinuclear group decided to organize several events dedicated to the memory of Chernobyl accident victims.

Since April, 20 till April, 25 a trees alley will be planted with the cooperation of local society of Slabada district, at the private apartment the film Truth about Chernobyl will be watched. The concert dedicated to the Year of native land in Belarus will be held in Horki secondary school.

Besides during the week the activists of Mahilou province will collect signatures under the petition, which call on the authority to stop building a nuclear power station and send the saved money to the electricity preservation and development of alternative sources of energy. Today more than 5,000 people have supported antinuclear group in writing. All signatures will be sent to the Parliament and the Government on the April, 26 on a day of the anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl atomic station.


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