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Young oppositionists still being expelled from universities
16.01.2009 .
Alyaksei Zmushko, coordinator of organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy in Rechytsa, has been expelled from Agricultural Academy of Horki. The Charter'97 press center has learnt it from the youth activist.

"I was a six-year student of the correspondent department. I received a summons dated December 23 to come for an exam session. But when I came, I learn I was expelled from the academy allegedly for "academic failure". A decree on expulsion dated December 24, it is signed by pro-rector of correspondent education Saskevich P.," Alyaksei Zmushko tells.

The youth activist thinks he has been expelled for his political activity, as it appeared from his unofficial conversation with academy's employees.

"I was said if I was organizing Belaya Rus (pro-government party), it wouldn't have problems.

They said I was a member of a wrong party," the BCD coordinator said.

Alyaksei Zmushko thinks a real ground of expulsion was his public and political activity. "I have recently applied in my name for removal of a monument to Lenin in Rechytsa. So,

the academy staff could know about my active citizenship and political views,"

the youth activist supposes.



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