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The Assembly of Pro-democratic NGOs said "no" to nuclear power plant
13.03.2009 .

The VI Congress of Belarusian Non-Governmental Organizations and Initiatives

Adopted on March, 7, 2009

by the VI Congress of the Assembly of Pro-democratic NGOs of Belarus

The Belarusian authorities have recently expressed their intention to build a nuclear power plant on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. This political decision was made in violation of the articles of the Aarhus Convention, as well as in violation of the countrys legal principles. Neither the issues of the economic and ecological expediency of the proposed plant, nor the decisions regarding its location and the process of its construction, have been discussed with the countrys civil society or public.

The efforts of independent scientists, civic activists and experts who have tried to initiate an open dialogue on this issue have been ignored by the authorities.

We, the participants of the VI Congress of Belarusian Non-Governmental Organizations and Initiatives, express our disagreement with the process regarding the decision to build a nuclear power plant. Bearing in mind the 1986 Chernobyl tragedy, we call upon the authorities to reverse this decision, which has not been properly presented to, or discussed with Belarusian society.

We demand a real public discussion on this issue, based on national and international law.


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