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Newspapers keep silence
05.03.2009 .
Official newspapers of Drybin and Mscislau havent published Jurkous plan which contains proposals to protect local people in case of deep economic crisis.

More than month has passed from that time when the former MP candidate and a leader of local civic movement sent his statement to official mass media and asked to discuss his point of view on the current economic situation. Besides this the statement contains proposals to local authorities of common activity within the framework of economic crisis and to defend local people from its consequences.

This statement was published by Leninski shlakh (Horki newspaper) only and one week later two readers of the newspaper expressed their opinion on Jurkous plan. But other two editions Sviatlo Kastychnika (Light of October) of Mscislau region and Savieckaja Vioska (Soviet Village) of Drybin region havent responded on the statement of former MP candidate.

As Andrej Jurkou thinks two editorials should answer his letter in accordance with the law About citizens applications which demand to respond on such sort of letters in 30-days term.

Within the next few days Mr.Jorkou is going to visit editorials of mentioned newspapers and remind responsible persons about necessity to execute the law of Republic of Belarus as Horki newspaper Leninski Shlakh has done. But if neither Savieckaja Vioska (Soviet Village) nor Sviatlo Kastrychnika (Light of October) dont answer the statement of ex-candidate he will address to the public prosecutor's office.


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