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Official newspaper began discussion
02.03.2009 .
On the pages of the official Horki newspaper Leninski Shlah (Lenins way) reaction on the Jurkous plan appeared. Two readers of the newspaper sent their articles and expressed their own points of view on Jurkous proposals. Both letters are signed by local inhabitants.

The first one By his father's steps criticizes activity of the former MP candidate and the leader of local democratic movement. Author mentions how father of Andrej Jurkou Mikalaj Jurkou (who was a famous director of an agricultural firm in Drybin) left communistic party in the beginning of 90th, that he is a member of the oppositional party Belarusian Popular Front, and that

the world economic crisis which has painfully struck the developed capitalist countries and the USA, is not so terrible for us, as it is "painted".

The other reader in his article supports Andrej Jurkou. He says that Belarusian ruble has fallen down, prices are increased, and salaries were reduced. Author thinks that Jurkou proposes necessary activity for local officials and civic activists and says truth.

If well speak not only about our successes and achievements but also about lacks it brings advantage for all of us,

- the reader of Leninski Shlah concluded.

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