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Meeting of campaigners against the Nuclear Power Plant construction
27.01.2009 .

Activists of two antinuclear initiatives from Horki (Mahilou region) and Astraviec (Hrodna region) met in Minsk to discuss a coordination plan.

The activist of the Movement for Freedom Yuras Meliashkevich informed the participants about his last visit to Lithuania where he spoke to members of the Lithuanian Seimas (Parliament) about the situation around the project of the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) construction in Belarus. As it was agreed during the meeting both local initiatives will have their representative in an ad hoc group that is to be created in the Seimas.

The leaders of the local initiatives are going to coordinate their efforts in intensifying the information campaign aimed at raising the public awareness about how unsafe is a peaceful atom. The participants of the meeting achieved a preliminary agreement on issuing a common information bulletin. Arguing in favour of a printed outlet, the MFF activist Eduard Brokarau from Horki noted that it was the newspaper Horacki vybar that had also impact on the authorities making them abandon plans of the NPP construction near Horki. Now, the activists hope they will successfully campaign in Astraviec.

Eduard Brokarau has also informed that tonight two NGOs - the Movement for Freedom and Civil forum - will organize Oxford-style debates in Mahileu in order to find out how necessary a NPP is for Belarus. The debate will focus on pros and cons of the issue that becomes very important for the country today.



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