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Jurkous plan
04.02.2009 .
Newspaper of Horki officials Leninski Shlah (Lenins way) has published offers of Andrej Jurkou to defend local inhabitants during current crisis. The former MP Candidate stated his plan of joint actions for local authorities and civic activists. In his letter Mr.Jurkou determined four urgent steps to create safety cushion for the poorest layers of population and to prevent economic development from the worst scenario.

1. To create in the region an anti-crisis committee with participation of representatives of authorities and independent professionals.

2. Urgently to develop the plan of actions in case of pointed pauperization of citizens and compelled dismissals.

3. To address to the national government to return benefits for disabled persons, students, pensioners, mothers of large families, unmarried mothers to facilitate crisiss consequences.

4. To cease adventurist atomic station construction and redirect planned funds to strengthen national currency and maintain peoples salaries on the worthy level.

Newspaper of Horki authorities invited its readers to express opinion on the Jurkous plan or to state the other point of view. In addition Andrej Jurkou addressed to the official newspaper of Drybin region Savietskaja Vioska (Soviet Village) and to the official newspaper of Mscislau region Sviatlo Kastrychnika (Light of October) to publish his plan.


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