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Nuclear power plant to be built in Hrodna region
20.12.2008 .
Belarus' first-ever nuclear power plant will be built in the Astravets district, Hrodna region, First Deputy Prime Minister Uladzimir Syamashka said at a meeting of the National Council for Labor and Social Matters on Friday.

"On January 21, we drive the first stake in the infrastructure of the future nuclear power plant by starting the construction of the first four- and nine-story apartment houses for those who will be building the plant," Mr. Syamashka said. "Exactly a year from then we should start building an industrial site in the area of Astravets."

A site near the village of Mikhalishki in the Astravets district had been viewed for some time as the most probable location for the nuclear power plant. The other locations were: near the village of Kukshynava between Horki and Shklow, Mahilyow region; and near the village of Chyrvonaya Palyana near Bykhaw, Mahilyow region.

On December 4, Liliya Dulinets, a departmental chief at the energy ministry, told reporters in Minsk that a final decision on the location of the nuclear power plant would be be taken at a meeting that a special government commission headed by the energy minister will hold on December 22 and 23.

The government earlier promised that it would announce the location in September 2008.

The 2,000-MW plant is expected to account for 27 to 30 percent of the total domestic electricity output. One of the two 1000-MW reactors is to be put into operation in 2016 and the other in 2018.



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