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"We can't pay for electricity by the health of our children"
09.12.2008 .

Activists of the Movement for Freedom (MFF) from different regions have been signing a petition for cancellation of the decision about construction of the nuclear power plant in Belarus.

On December 6 the Horki anti-nuclear group (Mahilou region) called the meeting of the MFF activists and followers who represented Asipovichy, Bialynichy, Babrujsk, Krychau, Klimavichy, Kasciukovichy, Klichau and Cherykau.

The MFF activists discussed the possible consequences for Belarus, once the nuclear power plant is built. Almost all participants underlined that the authorities neglect the civil society's concerns about plans to build the NPP.

All participants supported the address of the Horki anti-nuclear group to the government calling for cancellation of the decision to build power plant. They also decided to join the address signatures collection campaign in their respective districts.

Eduard Brokarau, journalist from Horki, presented the brochure "Mythology of peaceful atom" where he collected facts which break the myths of peacefulness and usefulness of the atomic energy. The author tried to answer such questions as how cheap is the nuclear electricity; what alternative can be to nuclear power; whether nuclear power plant will become a factor of strengthening the Belarusian sovereignty in terms of energy supplies. While preparing the book, Eduard Brokarau used different independent media sources as well as materials of the international conference "Environment Safety as a Keystone of National Security" (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2008), and research works of Dr. Georgy Lepin and Dr. Ivan Nikitchanka.

It took just one evening for the campaigners to collect over 100 signatures in Shklou (Mahilou region). Giving their signatures, many people deplored the fact of building the nuclear power plant in Belarus. People were signing the petition by whole families. Many doubted that the nuclear plant would be as safe and secure as TV and newspaper propaganda present it today. Among those who signed the petition there were some who mentioned about the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. They were stressing that it is better to pay for electricity by the money than by the health of their children.

Mahilou region campaigners have already collected over 4 000 signatures under the petition.



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