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Chavusy is against nuclear power
02.12.2008 .

Activists of Horki antinuclear group continue their drive for signatures against building Belarusian nuclear power station.

Yesterday 200 inhabitants of Chavusy district (Mahilou province) signed antinuclear petition in several hours Total amount of signatures collected by Horki antinuclear group is above 4,000.

One of the possible locations of the future power plant is situated in Chavusy region. Moreover many victims of Chernobyl live in this region.

At first this is an explainable campaign.

It is necessary to persuade people that there are other energy sources except nuclear power. Atomic energy doesnt solve all problems but few people know about this.

We dont know exactly where the first Belarusian atomic energy station will appear. But we doubt that it will be built near the border of European Union. Europe will not allow it. Therefore the station will be constructed in territory of Mahilou province in the Horki region (the ground in the village of Kukshinava) or in Chavusy region (the ground in the village of Krasnapalana), - stresses an activists of antinuclear group Andrej Jurkou.

The third planning ground for nuclear power plant is situated in Hrodna province in 50 km off Vilnius.



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