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DECs observer not allowed to see candidates meeting
23.09.2008 .
Activist of the Movement for Freedom and a democratic candidate in the Horki district, Andrei Yurkou calls upon the CEC to cancel registration of Tacciana Asmalouskaja, MP. Yurkou argue that his contenders meeting with voters was organised not in compliance with the existing electoral procedures.

Once local activist Eduard Brokarau, journalist and DEC observer, learned that the administration of the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy in Horki organises a candidates meeting with students and professors, he decided to attend it. As it became known later the Academys administration supposed to hold a closed meeting only for the official candidate Tacciana Asmalouskaja. Since other candidates had not even been informed about the meeting the presence independent observer in the DEC was not welcomed by the Academys administration either.

Eduard was stopped in the lobby of the Academys student house 6 by Aliaksandr Chachotkin, vice-chancellor of the Academy and director of the dormitory.

They aimed not to allow DECs observer to come into the meeting room. The vice-chancellor of Academy appeared to be rude to Eduard while pushing him out from the student house. Than Eduard Brokarau called police and stated that Aliaksandr Chachotkin went beyond his commission. Brokarau asked police to bring the Academys vice-chancellor to custody for hooliganism.

- Aliaksandr Chachotkin organised this meeting with voters only for the official MP candidate Tacciana Asmalouskaja in the Agricultural Academy. But the District electoral commission had not been informed about the event.

This fact alone is contrary to the electoral procedures established by the CEC which regulate how to hold a candidates meeting during the campaign. Moreover the administration did not invite other candidates either. So, I came to the venue once I had learned about the meeting. But the administration finished the meeting so quickly that I could see just people literally escaping from the room, - Andrei Yurkou told.

MP candidate Andrei Yurkou and DEC observer Eduard Brokarau filed complaint to the CEC, the DEC and the local administration. They request the electoral bodies to cancel registration of the MP candidate Tacciana Asmalouskaja for her violation of legal norms in holding meetings with voters. They also ask the CEC, the DEC and the local administration to investigate the case of this closed meeting with voters.



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