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Asmalouskaja wanted to break the electoral law
25.09.2008 .
Candidate Taciana Asmalouskaja who is a member of Belarusian parliament now voted on the first day of the premature elections and tried to do so instead of her mother and break the electoral law. Radio Liberty was informed about this by an independent member of the election committee Halina Miksha.

According to Halina Miksha the deputy with her son visited the electoral district to vote:

- She said that she is going to leave for Minsk thats why she has to vote prematurely. Moreover she wanted to vote instead of her mother who is 82 years old. I didnt allow. I said that her mother will vote at home. Asmalouskaja answered that her mother is very old and she doesnt open the door for anybody. But I said that

you are a deputy and you want to break the electoral law.

Taciana Asmalouskaja is a candidate for deputy at the Horki election district. In the parliament now she is a vice-chairman of the committee on human rights, national relationship and mass media.


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