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Milinkevich Visited Horki to support Andrej Jurkou
08.08.2008 .
MilinkevichOn the third day of his visit to the regions Aliaksandr Milinkevich noted that although a lot of people have lost their trust in the current regime, Belarusians have a serious scary feeling to put their signatures for opposition candidates.

Police is digging some dirt on a MP candidate Siarhei Niarouny, an editor-in-chief of the local independent newspaper Volny horad, and his teammates who conduct the electoral campaign in Krychau (Mahilio? region). Police is questioning the campaigners neighbors about the activists daily life and behaviour.

Aliaksandr Milinkevich held a picket as a collector of signatures for Siarhei Niarouny in Krychau. Townspeople approached the politician to tell him about social problems they face in ordinary life.

At the same day Milinkevich has come to support local activist Andrei Yurkou who has already got nearly 1.500 signatures in Horki (Mahiliou region). The activist is convinced that summer time is not a good season for meetings as many people take a leave going for vacations to summer houses. Therefore, campaigners have difficulties in collecting signatures.

On August 6, the leader of the Movement for Freedom pays a two-day visit to the Viciebsk region.




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