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Horki democratic activists forced the deputy to meet with local people
14.03.2008 .
Representative of Horki district in the Belarusian Parliament Taciana Asmalouskaja recieved 400 signatures of voters. They called her on to report about her activity in the legislative body.

Several hundreds of people took part in the meeting with Ms. Asmalouskaja and asked questions. The most of them were about local problems: medicine, social services, compensation of depreciated deposits placed before January 2, 1992 at the former Soviet savings bank.

Leader of Horki democratic forces Andrej Jurkou noted that the great part of problems mentioned at the meeting have not been solving during ten last years and this confirms that authorities work inefficient. But the deputy didnt agree with him.

Predicted parameters of economy have been achieved and this shows that authorities worked efficient, answered Ms. Asmalouskaja.

The main themes of the meeting were benefits and the nuclear power station that probably will be built in 15 km off Horki.

I voted against benefits, the deputy admitted. She added that her voters committed her to do so.

The leader of Horki antinuclear group and the pastor of local protestant church Piatro Malanackin gave Ms. Asmalouskaja 1200 signatures against nuclear plans of government.

I respect your activity, said Taciana Asmalouskaja to the protestant pastor, But there is no alternative to nuclear energy.


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