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Horki officials do not allow registering local periodicals
22.02.2008 .
anti-nuclear groupHorki officials have not allowed a local activist Eduard Brokarau (on photo) to legalize unregistered periodicals he has been printing for many years.

Brokaru has registered as a private entrepreneur recently but he was not allowed to print newspapers. That is what the Horki activist said in an interview with ERB:

This is a groundless refusal, it has no legal basis. I was explained in a letter that we think is it inexpedient because there are several editions already printed in Horki.

According to Eduard Brokarau, a newspaper of the District Executive Committee, one private newspaper similar to a business project and a newspaper of the agricultural academy are printed in Horki at the moment. Brokarau is going to lodge an appeal to the court and hopes to succeed.



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