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UzHorak is warned
16.04.2011 .
Regional independent weekly UzHorak is warned by the Ministry of Information. The editorial is accused in violation of two articles of the Law of Mass-media. The next official warning could liquidate the newspaper.

According to the document UzHorak didnt inform the Ministry about the change of the main editor and his phone number. The former editor of the newspaper Eduard Brokarau passed away in December 2010. Now the editor of the weekly is Halina Budnaja.

Moreover UzHorak didnt inform the Ministry that created own web-site. But what certain site the officials of Ministry mean is not clear, because the weekly has no official web-page in Internet.

Mentioned outrages offended p. 3 a. 14 of the Law of Mass-media.

In addition the editorial of UzHorak offended a. 22 of the Law, because in several issues of the paper there is no bar-code. But since March 2011 the weekly has such bar-code at the first page. On the other hand there is no bar-code in issues of local official newspapers Horacki Viesnik (Horki region), Savieckaja Vioska (Drybin Region), Sviatlo Kastrychnika (Mscislau region), and in private newspaper Regional News (Horki region). We dont know whether the Ministry warned these newspapers either.

UzHorak has 10 days to amend the first outrage, the second one should be amend in the next issue of the newspaper.

The warning was signed by the deputy minister Liliya Ananich on April, 11.


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