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Hunger-strike in Horki
07.04.2011 .
Young local entrepreneur Andrej Bazhko announced a hunger-strike. He requires a local state-owned firm PMK1 to pay debts to his firm. Andrej made a broadsheet Give me my money. I want to eat and stayed near the office of the PMK1.

If I do not pay salaries to my employees the tax inspection will persecute me, explains the situation Andrej Bazhko.

The head of the state-owned firm PMK1 met the action of the entrepreneur and said that it looks absurdly. He said that cant solve the problem with debts and recommended to go with the broadsheet to the center square of Horki where the building of local administration is situated.

The head of the state-owned firm PMK1 promised to meet with journalists tomorrow and describe them reasons of the problem.

Andrej Bazhko was staying near the office of PMK1 for an hour. After administration of the firm left the office Andrej stopped his picket. Tomorrow morning entrepreneur promises to iterate the action.


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