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The house got warm in four decades
03.02.2011 .
The patience of the Belarusian people has been proved once again by the residents of one house in Horki. The people had been waiting for 38 years till the heating in the bathrooms was repaired. It seems that some of the residents lost their hope that it would happen during their lifetime.

Zmejavik that is how a radiator in a standard soviet flat is called. It is usually located on a wall in a bathroom. Zmejavik is used for drying the towels, bedclothes and clothes. Such a radiator is also necessary for keeping the corresponding temperature in the bathroom. However, it is not like this in the case of Saveckaja street in Horki. The radiators serve only as elements of interior in the house 16, as they have not been working since the house was put into service.

All the previous attempts to change the situation failed. So we did not even hope that we would have some natural comfort as warmth in a bathroom, the unlucky inhabitants have described their situation in the newspaper Horacki vesnik. They have thanked the workers of UKP Ceplavaja energetyka in the news pages. Although it happened in 38 years, it was them who reached the clients and fulfilled their request.


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