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Drybin district election commission refuses to give information to journalist
11.11.2010 .
The journalist of the socio-political newspaper Uzgorak Halina Budnaya spent several days trying to obtain the information about the number of the signatures in support of each pretender for presidency that had been passed to the Drybin District Election Commission.

They refuse to give me any information by the phone. Before this they usually asked me to file written inquiries so that the commission members would consider them and give written answers.

Now they propose to come to them with the passport and the journalist certificate, as they cant check whether I am a journalist during a telephone talk, said Halina Budnaya.

According to the journalist, she has quite different relations with the Horki and the Mstsislau district election commission that supplied her with information about the number of the received signatures and the results of their verification long ago.

When I phoned to the Central Election Commission and asked why the Drybin DEC behaved in such a way they answered that the commission just protected itself from the citizens who could disrupt its work by frequent telephone calls. Thats why they proposed me to come to the commission and solve this issue at the commission office, pointed the journalist.

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