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Mihalevich and Lukashenka are in the lead in Horki
10.11.2010 .

The results of the signature collecting among citizens of Horki and Horki region for the candidates for the Presidency have been announced.

The Horki region election commission finished checking the signature-lists to support the nomination of citizens as candidates for the Presidency.

Nominally Ales Mihalevich is leading among independent candidates.

The local electorate was signing for his candidacy most willingly. So, there were 1299 signatures present to the election commission. All the signatures were considered as valid.

The second position was unexpectedly taken by Yaraslau Ramanchuk. Even though Romanchuks activists were not so active this time, there were 1223 signatures given to the Horki election commission, where only 1206 ones were considered as valid.

To support Ryhor Kastusiou the candidate from the oldest belarusian party BNF there were only 536 voters who signed.

The commission members doubted in 30 signatures sharp. As a result, Kastusiou got 506 signatures from Horki region to add to his total amount of votes.

The coordinator of Charter97.org web-site Andrej Sannikau is supported by 56 signaters from our region, and the leader of the campaign Tell the truth! (Havary praudu!), the poet Uladzimir Niakliaeu got the smallest number of signatures 32. In both cases the commission acknowledged all the signatures as valid.

But it was a width of the activities of the initiative group from the side of the present head of the state Aliaksandr Lukashenka that really surprised. They managed to submit to the regional commission more than 10 thousand signatures (the exact number is not mentioned for some unclear reasons), where 10286 were considered as valid.

There are approximately 35 thousand of voters living on the territory of Horki region.


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