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Electoral Commission Knows Approximately Only
08.11.2010 .
Horki District Electoral Commission calls only approximate information about number of collected signatures in support of Lukashenko, Drybin Commission in general refuses to speak. Reported by the editor in chief of the independent weekly Uzgorak Eduard Brokarau (on the photo).

Eduard indignant about this. According to him, if the local commission doesnt know exact information about the collected signatures for the head of the state, it means that information articulated by the Central Electoral Commission are not accurate.

"I turned to a member of Horki District Electoral Commission Katsiaryna Karotkina to provide me information on the number of collected signatures for candidates for the presidency - says Eduard Brokarau. - She gave me information about opposition candidates, but number of signatures collected for the incumbent head of the state didnt name. She noted only that signatures for Lukashenko havent yet been calculated and the commission can only talk about around their number.

At the same time Mstislau Regional Electoral Commission gave the full information without any problems.

But Drybin District Electoral Commission refused to say even anything by phone. The head of the commission Alaxandr Lukjanchykau required an official written request from the independent journalist. The answer for such request will be received in two weeks only.

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