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Formation of precinct commissions in Horki takes 5 minutes
04.11.2010 .

The sitting of the Horki District Executive Committee on formation of the precinct election commissions of the Horki district took place on 3 November and was attended by the observer Halina Budnaya.

The sitting of the district executive committee started at 10 a.m. As far as it was a scheduled sitting, there were many different issues on its agenda, and the PECs were formed at its end. I was very surprised that it took just 5 minutes. The lists of members of the precinct election commissions werent read. It was only announced that 35 commissions were formed on the territory of the Horki district and 438 people were included in them.

It was done so quickly that I didnt even manage to put all this information down.

I wrote only that 159 people were nominated by NGOs, 1 by the Communist Party of Belarus, 194 by collecting electors signatures, 4 by the Belaya Rus and 20 by the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, said the observer.

Halina Budnaya also said that pro-democratic political parties and NGOs didnt nominate any representatives to the PECs and intend to take an active part in the organization of the observance of the election.

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