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Enormous pig farm wont be constructed near Ausianka
24.09.2010 .
This was reported to old.horki.info by the member of the Ausianka rural Council of deputies Zanna Scharbinina.

Ms. Scharbinina has sent an official inquiry to the Horki district executive committee and the Horki district inspection of natural resources and environmental protection. She asked to show results of ecological and economic examination of the project, and of public hearings on such controversial issue.

The letter signed by the deputy chairman of the Horki district executive committee Mr.Jaromin answered all the questions which disturbed local citizens recently.

Firstly neither in 2010 nor in 2011 the construction of such a large pig farm near the agrocity is not planned. Secondly, the economic advisability of building the pig farm is under scrutinized by the relevant bodies hitherto. Thirdly, the environmental examination of the project does not exist, because the project documentation is not developed (because the farm is not planning to build).


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