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People wait since 2006
06.08.2010 .
Perspective street in Ausianka

The street with the most perspective name Maladzioznaja (Youth street) looks terribly especially in spring.

Residents of Maladzioznaja street in Ausianka (Horki region) wrote a letter to Horki authorities. They asked to help with pavement, fences, and improve street appearance.

They wait for such help since 2006 when they got houses at this street from local collective farm. The territory near houses is dug up and debris is still laying on it.

Horki executive committee answered that Ausianka collective farm has responsibility to improve this street appearance but people have no any activity of the director of the collective farm with this problem for several years. An independent deputy Zanna Scharbinina has written about this situation and about other local problems in her article Advantages and disadvantages of rural life for the weekly Uzgorak.


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