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The bridge in Slabada is alright
11.07.2010 .
In Horki the bridge in Slabada is alright

The bridge in Horki in the region of Slabada has been reconditioned (see photo). It joins 2 streets: Lenina and Naberezhnaya.

The newspaper UzGoraK and the citizens beat in the bells long ago because of that useful transport way of the local scale was in neglect.

They not only tried to repair the way across the river by own, but they even collected the signatures for the address to the government.

But the verbal address to the head of the Horki regional executive committee Mikhail Anikeeu was enough. At present the bridge looks reliable.

This bridge is very popular with the local citizens. People have opportunity to go to the local church, children to go to the school 2, and bicyclists across it.

Before the repair the bridge looked so:

In Horki the bridge in Slabada is alright


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