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Children's playground has appeared at the Slabada
15.06.2010 .

The government of the region fulfilled own promise: the place for the rest and physical development for children has appeared in Slabada (one of the region of Horki). That happened to the answer on the verbal appeal of the local activist Halina Budnaja who lives in Slabada.

She came to the personal reception to the head of the Horki regional executive committee Mikhail Anikeeu and told to the official about the shortage of the children's infrastructures in the sector of private buildings in our city. Ms.Budnaya told that children hadn't any place for activities on the air in Slabada, therefore they had chosen some places near the transformer box of electricity. It is obvious that such extreme activities might to lead to unexpected consequences.

The Head of Horki regional executive committee Mikhail Anikeeu promised to solve that problem. According to the official information, he charged special services to consider the variants to construct the children's playground. Finally new place for safe and health children's rest has appeared in Horki.


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