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Children's playground can appear at the Slabada
18.05.2010 .
The head of the Horki district executive committee Mikhail Anikejeu instructed the responsible services to entertain a proposal of local people to settle a playground and sports facilities for children at the Slabada (the name of the part of Horki). The official newspaper Leninski shlakh informed about it.

One of the activists of Slabada community Halina Budnaja explained to old.horki.info that there is no any place for local children at Slabada now. And children have to play at the insecure places. Thats why Halina Budnaja passed appeal of local people to the head of the Horki district executive committee.

It's great that the district administration has responded so quickly, because it is very important to our part of city to have at least some infrastructure for children's activities and development,

said civic activist.

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