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Headmistress: vote early
24.04.2010 .
According to information of teachers of the Ausiankava secondary school, the headmistress Liudmila Bandarenka forced them to vote early at the general assembly of the school.

Not only did she demand from them to vote for the worthy candidate, but she also arrogantly banned them to vote for God knows what candidates who agitate for nobody knows what and litter our village with their papers.

As far as no agitation is conducted by the pro-governmental candidate, Mikalai Hrybko, this critique is pointed at his rival, Zhana Shcharbinina, a member of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party.

Bear in mind that at first Zhana Shcharbinina was opposed by two members of the Communist Party of Belarus Mikalai Hrybko, head doctor of a hospital, and Mikalai Yanchanka, Chairperson of the Ausiankava Village Council of Deputies, but the latter withdrew his candidacy before the beginning of early voting.

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