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orki and Grojec (Poland) will cooperate
29.05.2011 .

The delegation of Horki district headed by chairman of district executive committee Ihar Makar made a two-day visit to Grójec (Poland). The visit aimed at promoting the Belarusian-Polish relations and further cooperation between the towns.

Leader of the Young Front will be celled in Horki
03.05.2011 .
Zmitsier Dashkevich a chief of the most popular youth organization of the Belarusian opposition will serve a sentence in the penal colony in Horki, RFE reported.
Horki district hospital completed capital repairs
27.04.2011 .

Horki hospital was built in the 1960-s. The gynecological division was the last to be reconstructed. And finally hospital professionals got a renewed building.

UzHorak is warned
16.04.2011 .
Regional independent weekly UzHorak is warned by the Ministry of Information. The editorial is accused in violation of two articles of the Law of Mass-media. The next official warning could liquidate the newspaper.
Horki entrepreneur succeeded
07.04.2011 .

Yesterday protest action of young businessman Andrej Bazhko who requires a Horki state-owned firm PMK-1 to return him debts succeeded today. Administration of PMK-1 signed all documents and promised to pay till the end of the next week.

Hunger-strike in Horki
07.04.2011 .
Young local entrepreneur Andrej Bazhko announced a hunger-strike. He requires a local state-owned firm PMK1 to pay debts to his firm. Andrej made a broadsheet Give me my money. I want to eat and stayed near the office of the PMK1.
In memory of brave student
30.03.2011 .
On March, 25, 2011 ten civic activists from Horki and Drybin laid flowers on the gravestone under which Damaracki was buried. They paid tribute to the memory of the student who died during the anti-Russian Empire Revolt of 1863.
New chemist's shop opened in Horki
23.03.2011 .
New chemist's shop opened in Horki

The opening ceremony was held by representatives of Horki district executive committee and local health authorities.

Foreign currency disappeared in Horki
17.03.2011 .

There is no any foreign currency in banks of Horki region as in whole Belarus. People cant buy USD or EUR, correspondent of UzHorak newspaper reports. Such situation were in our region more than ten years ago when there were several currency rates in Belarus.

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